We are all about reaching out into our local community.  Below are a few of the ministries we are involved in.  What is God calling you to do?


Vacation Bible School


Every year we dedicate one week to the children of our community.  Vacation Bible School is a place where kidz can come and learn about the love of Christ in a high energy, interactive and fun environment.  Every VBS combines Bible stories, music, crafts, snacks, recreation and worship around a central theme.  The facility is always transformed to give the kidz a unique experience that they will be talking about for the entire summer!







Every October 31st we offer a family friendly alternative to Halloween. We have games, prizes, live music, food, pony rides and lots of candy! Mark your calendar and join us for a night of fun that is safe for the entire family. By the way, it is all FREE!!!






We take loving others seriously. At the Lord’s leading, we open our front lawn to the community for a huge yard sale. Our goal is to extend the love of Christ to those who come onto our campus by providing a free spot with a table, chairs, live music, bottled water, and a free meal. The location of the church allows easy access for those who are looking for a good deal. We know that in uncertain economic times, something free can be a breath of fresh air. During the yard sale we intentionally offer the free gift of salvation to those who do not know Jesus. Watch our website and local publications for the next Community Yard Sale.